Hello and welcome to Recreo Jewelry! I am Tracey Smolin, a jeweler and designer based in Los Angeles, California. My small business is a combination of personally-curated estate, vintage, and antique pieces from around the world, along with some of my own creations. I began Recreo Jewelry in 2014 after a transition in my life and chose “Recreo” as my company name as it translates to beginning anew, creation, and restoration. As a single mother to three kids, I am grateful that I get to use my passion and love for jewelry to create my own career path and support my family as well. My earliest memories around jewelry began when I was a child. My most thrilling days were spent perusing the shelves of the antique shops, looking for sparkly objects and imagining the story they told. As I grew up, my enthusiasm and adoration for jewelry never left my side as I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a minor in jewelry, along with my master’s in social work. While going to school, raising children, and working in social work, I have always created, collected, and sold jewelry as well. My mission is to find unique and distinctive pieces that set my jewelry apart, curating a collection that has something for everyone. Currently, you can find Recreo Jewelry on this website, on Instagram (@recreo.reinspired), as well as vintage and antique shows around the country. I hope you find what you are looking for here, and happy shopping!